Corn Nuts

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Corn is a great source of┬ápotassium, an essential nutrient that many Americans donÔÇÖt get enough of. Potassium helps regulate the┬ácirculatory system, maintaining adequate blood flow and a strong heartbeat. Corn contains┬álutein, a carotenoid similar to┬ávitamin┬áA┬áthatÔÇÖs more commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Lutein is known for lowering the risk of┬ámacular degeneration,┬ácataracts, and other eye conditions.

  All Natural

  MSG Free

  No Cholesterol

  No Preservatives

  No Trans-Fat

  Non GMO


Salted Ingredients: Whole Corn & Salt

Flavoured Ingredients: Whole Corn, Natural Flavours & Edible Oil (For Spraying purpose only)

Shelf Life: 4 Months (F)  |   6 Months (S)

Flavours: Salted  |   Pudina  |   Tomato  |   Lime & Chilly